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Blesok no. 53March-April, 2007
Gallery Reviews

Berlin Writes Current History through the Past

On Berlin International Film Festival, 8-18.02.2007

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Sunčica Unevska

The fifty-seventh Berlin International Film Festival, which took place from 8-18 February was completely dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity. Oriented towards this idea, the organisers have obviously prepared the program in such a way that different cultural backgrounds were stressed, not only in the sense where the authors came from, but also with respect to topics. It is interesting that both past and present were unavoidably present in this determination, that is, both historical themes and the topics that deal with modern living, burdened with the past but also with everything the present brings. The goal of Berlin, as it was stressed at the very opening of the festival, was for Berlin to be re-established as a leading European cultural residence that will cherish and support the diversity of cultures. However, what makes you believe these usually formal statements, is the fact that is visible for each visitor of this interesting city – that this determination is present at every step, and Berlin has already been living this diversity, unlike some other European cities. Maybe that is why this year’s program of the film festival was so exciting, challenging and interesting, for it really managed to fit it all in, offer it, and in its own way break the barriers and open the road to the viewers who responded in a fantastic way.
    This year’s main program was largely criticised, predominantly due to two reasons: first of all, because it has become more and more oriented towards Hollywood; second, because of general opinion that it was of a lesser quality than last years. As far as the presence of Hollywood is concerned, it indeed exists, however, it is a fact that it did not bring poorer quality to the festival, but on the contrary. The comments on the poor programme, on the other hand, are absolutely not true, especially if one takes into consideration that as many as 12 out of the 26 films in the official programme were really solid. This is a result that each festival strives for.

Originality that upset the audience

Tuya’s Marriage

The Chinese movie “Tuya’s Marriage” of Wang Quan’an in a special way pays tribute to Mongolia, a way of living, tradition, and roots that lose their meaning more and more. Wang Quan’an who gives a fantastic image of these steppes, among other things, tries to keep the land that is about to

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