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Blesok no. 54May-June, 2007
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Young Visual Artist Annual Award

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DENES 2007

The Contemporary Art Center – Skopje in 2002/2003, in collaboration with the Civil Society Foundation in New York, has established an annual award for best young artist in the Republic of Macedonia under 35.

The award is to be annual. The process of awarding it consists of several phases:
    – Selection of 4 finalists
    – Group exhibition of the 4 artists in Skopje
    – Residency in USA for the winner

The method of the selection was divided in two phases:
    – Nominations of artists, by renowned art critics in Macedonia
    – Final Selection of the finalists, after the reviewing of the nominations by the Board for the award.

The winner of the first prize receives a residency covering the travel and stay expenses to the International House in New York for 6 weeks.

The Contemporary Art Center is responsible for the preparation and organization of all domestic activities, whereas the Foundation for Civil Society is responsible for the residency in the USA.

The Jury (Oliver Musović, Hristijan Panev and Atanas Botev), decided to grant DENES 2007 award to Boris Petrovski for Distortions.

Vera Kovačevska: Everyday Art, the Art of the Everyday

In this one-year project with a previously determined timeframe (03.01.2005-03.01.2006), the artist meticulously, and often obsessively, described what happened each day of the year and what her thoughts on it were. Sometimes in less and sometimes in more detail she illustrated different situations in her life (e.g. preparing an art festival application/exhibition, looking for a job, being ill, travelling abroad, etc.), noted her mundane “rituals” (e.g. eating, sleeping, watching TV), and discussed about current topics (e.g. the Macedonian art scene, artists’ professional development, war against terror, visa regime, etc).

The final product of this project is the 365 unique cards, including text and photograph (taken or found by the artist), one for each day of the year. In September 2006 this project was presented in the Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje where the artist gave one card (in an envelope) to each visitor and then mailed the remaining ones to close friends and colleagues in several countries in the world. Through the act of sharing and accepting a “gift” from her the audience became a direct, not just indirect, (part of the audience was recalled in the card’s content) participant in the making of the artwork.

Velimir Žernovski: Welcome to Skopje

Welcome to Skopje is a series of

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