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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 54 | volume X | May-June, 2007



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Blesok no. 54May-June, 2007
Gallery Reviews

“For the Glory of Easter”

p. 1
Lucija Gjurašković

What essentially characterizes the fine art poetics of Dragan Mijač – Brile, whether it is a sculpture, painting or drawing, is the primeval instinct, impulsiveness and powerful expression emanating a clear, naked, childlike emotion. His expression, by rule, conveys the storm of the entire experience of the Mediterranean myth, on one side lit by the bright sun and on the other bathed in the rains of the south, where subconscious pain is discerned challenging the key issues of the sense of human existence since time immemorial. It is a deeply emotional expression, created from the spiritual experience of the world that surrounds him and life which he does not want to pass by as a mere bystander.

Drawings from the cycle “For the Glory of Easter” in an extraordinarily spontaneous and direct manner excite in us profound compassion for the suffering and truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who succeeded in defeating death and revealing eternal life through Resurrection, thus giving sense to our existence. Compositions with the scenes of Christ's Suffering, the most prominent ones being “Mourning”, “Removal from the Cross” and several versions of “Crucifixion”, reveal Dragan Mijač – Brile as an exceptionally gifted artist who, through the well-established

Byzantine iconographic scheme and his own expressive individualist approach, has managed to revive the historical spirit and the essence of sacrifice on Christ's path of suffering, committing himself fully to this idea as if already seen Biblical scenes were continually appearing before him. In his urge to keep them, he shapes them with a line and a monochromatic clash of dark and light surfaces created from the specific natural substance such as octopus ink. Like a line of life, Dragan Mijač – Brile engraves a line to lead it to the surface, in order to inject as deep as possible the emotional power of his profoundly religious being: the being whose spirit finds its peace in the Franklonian silent cry for sense, for Christ as the essence.

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