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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 54 | volume X | May-June, 2007



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Blesok no. 54May-June, 2007
Sound Reviews

Skopje Blues & Soul Festival, 2007

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Vasja Ivanovski

    Skopje Blues & Soul festival takes place every first week in July, and this year is no exception to the rule. Also the high quality of participants makes no exception, all of them are regarded as some of the best in their respective fields, thus making this festival one of the best in Europe.
    Eleventh in a row, this festival has already created a nice tradition of presenting variety of blues genres with its best exponents from all over the world, some of them with legendary status within the idiom. This year’s edition will take place on July 3 and 4 respectively, so let’s see what a blues fan can expect on these dates.

The Nimmo Brothers

    Festival openers on July 3 will be the fabulous The Nimmo Brothers from Glasgow, currently one of the best blues outfits on British blues scene. Over the past decade The Nimmo Brothers have proven themselves as one of the most respected modern blues bands the UK has seen since the blues boom of the 1960’s. Having learned their trade by listening to such greats as peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, there was no doubt that, when the time came, they too would produce original compositions fuelled by that very same passion for the shared by their idols. Brothers Alan and Stevie Nimmo are already considered as the premier blues guitarists in Great Britain, which speaks for itself considering the amount of blues artists working there and headlining festivals and leaving sold out signs in the windows of blues clubs throughout the UK, Europe and USA. Beside working as a tight unit, brothers Alan and Stevie Nimmo indulge in their separate, mostly acoustic blues work when heavy commitments allow with Alan being also one of the most sought after blues drummers?!) in the UK. The essence of their live work can best be appreciated after the band recorded their live album “Live at Cottiers” in their home town of Glasgow in 2003. Their brand of blues of original compositions and carefully selected covers makes for great listening and their explosive stage set add the flavor not many bands can touch even in their dreams! Miss them at your peril!

Sherman Robertson

    July 3 proceeding will be closed with a concert by Sherman Robertson, already considered as “one of the most important blues artists in blues” (Blues Revue), an artist who “deserve to have his name added to the short

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